Beijing Discovery Day & return to Paris

The NEOMA Business School Executive MBA students spent their last day on a cultural tour to understand the roots of the Chinese civilization.

A prepatory lecture on the history of Beijing gave some insights on traditional architecture, styles and symbols at the Temple of Heaven.


The theme continued with a Buddhist restaurant to discover the traditional culture even more. Interestingly enough, the food looked like or even tasted like meat but everything was vegetables.

The Forbidden City visit was a privileged visit as the place was quite empty and the place looked even more gigantic & majestic.


Farewell dinner was at a famous Pekin Duck restaurant, the Xi He Ya Ju. There was a full demonstration on how to cut the Pekin duck with dexterity and art. The time at the restaurant like the other places during that day and along the whole trip were used for the last interviews, which were about the students’ expectations before coming to China, their impressions and key take-aways during their week in China.


China has been a real positive experience and on the business side, absolutely interesting on how to have/make /deal business in China. Several students now plan to continue or start working with Chinese companies.


© NEOMA BS EMBA – Ernest Shackleton Cohort Communication Group (IIP) – 2017


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